Once the third most popular comic book company (behind Marvel and DC), Valiant had lost market share in the late 1990s to buyout and then bankruptcy. With the backing of a venture capitalist firm, two business-savvy fans bought the company’s characters out of IP purgatory.

Our mission was to generate excitement and demand for their comic book reboots. We developed a strategy to get them in front of the top comics industry influencers, as well as entertainment journalists writing for Variety, Hollywood Reporter, Digital Hollywood, the Associated Press, and The New York Times.

The resulting coverage gave them a solid platform of positive reader anticipation and led to a successful launch. Today, the company has undergone a renaissance, with many of Valiant’s issues regularly placing in monthly top-ten sales lists. The company has also announced film deals at Comic-Con. The films are currently in production and are anxiously awaited by legions of devoted fans. 

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