Media Relations

We work with reporters, editors, and producers to tell your story through the filter of the media. Where the news will be seen completely depends on your audience. Your key targets may be online, perhaps they read industry trades. Maybe they’re best reached through the magic of television. We’ll work with you to determine the best way forward and – most importantly – the angle that will get your name and perspective out there.


Social Media

Success in social is all about being either useful or entertaining. It’s not enough to just be out there, you have to find a purpose in the daily lives of your target consumers. It’s not easy. Nobody wants to be sold to on social. We can help you figure out how to ingratiate your business with your audience, and build communities around your story. We’ll help you understand what to post, how often, and we’ll manage the program from start to finish.

Content Marketing

Words are important. When it comes to your marketing, the right words can go any number of places: your website, your social campaign, byline articles, your printed collateral – really anything. The right words help you tell your own story. We develop the right content for you, tailoring it for just the right audiences in just the right places. 


Messaging and Positioning

“Know thyself” reads the ancient quote (attributed to the temple at Delphi, according to Greek texts – in case you’re ever quizzed). It’s as true today as it was millennia ago, and applies particularly to any growing business. Figuring out how to describe your business to the world is vital to building an effective promotional plan. How you articulate what you do determines how your customers think of you.